Bottled Karma Kava Tea

Seattle Only - Bottle Kava (3-pk)

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Fresh brewed Kava delivered straight to your door Monday, Wednesday and Friday!  Orders must be placed by 5pm to be included in that day's deliveries.  Please refer to our delivery area map for free delivery within Seattle.  


Reconnect with your vitality and find your bliss with our Hawaiian tea. This tea has a sweeter flavor and is a great option for the enlightened on the move. A great follow-up to your savasana, our Hawaiian tea promotes muscle relaxation and a pleasant calm.


Awaken your creative process. Trade those happy hour drinks for this smooth, peppery beverage and feel all the good vibes without the hangover. Our Samoan tea provides a healthy, herbal alternative to alcohol while fueling your sociability and collaborative spirit.


This highly euphoric strain is derived from the lateral roots of the Fijian plant. Enjoy with friends or in solitude and sink into a deep feeling of connectedness. Our Fijian tea reduces anxiety and stress without affecting mental clarity making it a perfect addition to your wind down routine.

Custom orders available by request, contact us for more information!